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Guhnash commission by livinlovindude Guhnash commission :iconlivinlovindude:livinlovindude 140 41
Birthday Swellings
It was a lovely day in the land of Corona. Inside the tower, Rapunzel was there doing her best to keep herself entertained while her "mother" was out.
"It looks like it's going to be another boring day today..." Rapunzel sighs as today was actually her birthday. She stumbled about trying to think of some activity to do, her long hair practically covered the top of the tower.
"When is it going to be my turn to go outside the tower?" Rapunzel wonders as she looks at something that she painted earlier. They were brightly colored stars in the evening sky, something she had always seen for quite a long time.
"Will I be able to see those stars today?" Rapunzel asks herself as she then hears a certain sound. "Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Let down your hair!" A feminine voice was coming from outside.
"Coming Mother!" Rapunzel said as she heads overs to a window and opens it up. She then launched her long hair down before feeling it head towards the ground.
Rapunzel stands idle for a moment before she f
:icontomsmanga:TOMSMANGA 6 0
Justice For Lunch
There was a ruckus going on in Station Square as a certain individual was fending off against robots belonging to Doctor Eggman. "Ha!" The person was a woman as she was swinging her tail into an Eggpawn, smashing it to pieces.
This red kangaroo lady with brown hair and eyes wearing a black lawyer jacket and skirt with matching high heels was known as Justice. She was taking a stroll through the city when these robots suddenly show up to attack her.
"Phew! I may not be Sonic the Hedgehog or Knuckles the Echidna, but I can still hold my own in a fight!" Justice said as she crushes another bot with a butt slam. The robots were no match for this kangaroo as she crushes the last one with her belly.
"Who needs a six pack, when I've got a keg?" Justice sticks her tongue out as she smacks her belly proudly. While the kangaroo was proud of herself, her stomach soon lets out a hungry growl.
"Oh!" Justice blushes as she puts a hand on her stomach. Fighting those robots have worked up an appetite
:icontomsmanga:TOMSMANGA 2 0
Mature content
The Royal Meal :iconmjgrazi:Mjgrazi 7 0
Nala Vore Request
He wasn’t bad. But…it was getting, boring? Nala sighed as she stood up and began walking down from their cave. Simba was not a bad mate in any regard. However, she realized that she was tired of him. There just wasn’t anything interesting going on now. As she reached the ground, her stomach growled. It was time to go hunting. She decided to go where she hasn’t yet. Not that there was any reason to avoid this place. She just never got around to it. Besides; there was an interesting dark formation connecting the sky and the ground. She began walking towards it, curious now.
After about fifteen minutes of running, she slowed down, seeing…stuff everywhere. It was all white and shiny. As she sniffed some, a familiar scent reached her nose: the scent of meat. She began following the scent, eventually walking around a rock to come face-to-face with…something. She was literally face-to-face with a creature with black fur on the top of its body and blue eyes.
:iconsoulofumbreon:SoulofUmbreon 11 11
Feraligatr vores Jupiter and Mars
Lucas and Dawn raced up from Mount Cornet, his Feraligatr and her Empoleon behind them, to the scene at the Spear Pillar. Mars and Jupiter were watching with impatience as Cyrus used the red chain to summon a portal to the Reverse World. Upon hearing footsteps, Mars and Jupiter turned around.
“I’m surprised you made it here. You can stay if you promise not to meddle.” Mars said as she brought out one of her Pokeballs. “But if you’re not going to listen, you’ll have to go through me first. You with me Jupiter?”
“Against that little boy from Lake Acuity? Sure, let’s battle two on two.” Jupiter responded, as she sent out Skuntank.
“Dawn, you with me and Feraligatr?” Lucas shouted to Dawn.
“You bet! Empoleon, go!” Dawn yelled. Soon, there was one more flash of light, as Mars sent out her Purugly. It was an awesome fight. Skuntank and Purugly were strong, but Cyrus’s plan was their undoing. As Cyrus co
:iconsoulofumbreon:SoulofUmbreon 7 1
Summer Tiki vores Anna
It was a celebration. The sun was bright, the water clear, the Askr leaders and Ylissean warriors were having a grand time after the Askrans and Anna was up to her tricks again. While the battle was taking place, she was stealthily sneaking around, snapping pictures of the heroes in their bathing suits to sell back in her world. At least she thought she was stealthy.  The fun battle ended, neither side caring who won, as they went to, enjoy the surf; or those that would swim. Meanwhile Tiki, who knew what Anna was up to, walked over to her.
"What do you have there, Anna?"
"T-Tiki! Oh, hey, uh, why aren't you over in the water with everyone else?" Anna said, frantically trying to hide the photos.
"I thought I could ask you the same thing."
"W-well I asked you first!"
"Fair enough. I was on my way to grab a snack when I saw you secluded over here, and I wanted to make sure you were fine, and not working on anything."
"Oh, I was just getting some photos of Alfonse and Sharena in the
:iconsoulofumbreon:SoulofUmbreon 4 0
Feraligatr vores Domino-request for TickTockCroc
“I accept defeat. Good job, Kris? Kris. Here is your badge.”
As Kris was talking to Bugsy, she absentmindedly called back her Crocnaw, who started glowing white. She left Azalea Town for her next destination, Goldenrod City. After a brief hike through Ilex forest, she entered the bustling town-or what she assumed to be bustling. There was no one out on the streets. She went to the gym, but it wouldn’t open. She actually wondered why she went to the gym first, as she walked to the Pokémon Center. But her curiosity peaked when she discovered that the Pokémon Center’s doors were locked, too. She wondered if some alert had been made, and checked the radio on her Pokégear. There were no warnings, but a mysterious tune was being played. She looked at the radio tower and saw some people in black outside the front. She slowly walked towards them. One of them noticed her, and they both turned and started walking towards her. She flinched, until she saw the
:iconsoulofumbreon:SoulofUmbreon 4 3
Feraligatr vores Mars-Request for TickTockCroc
“Pikachu use thunderbolt on Lucario!” Ash shouted.
Ash, Lucas, Dawn, Brock, and Riley, were on Iron Island in a clash with Team Galactic, or specifically Mars, all the other grunts fled after being defeated. They had a mysterious machine, whose side affect was to make all Steel-type Pokémon run amok. After Riley’s Lucario was shocked, it began attacking the machine. Lucario dealt a pretty hard force palm, causing it to shudder, and temporarily causing the steel Pokémon to calm down.  Lucas noticed this-and so did Mars.
“Oh no you don’t!” Mars shouted at Lucario. She then sent out Golbat to attack Lucario, but Lucas quickly intervened.
“Guys! Attack the machine like Lucario did! It should calm down the steel Pokémon! I’ll take care of Mars” Lucas shouted to them. He then sent out Feraligatr, who intercepted Golbat. Mars had Golbat use confuse ray, but Feraligatr blasted a water pulse through it, hitting Golbat. It
:iconsoulofumbreon:SoulofUmbreon 9 0
PKMN Heroes vore request for TickTockCroc
They just wouldn’t let up. She thought she was in the clear once Aerodactyl and Kabutops were defeated. But now she had the trainers chasing her. Latias was trying to evade Annie and Oakley, as they had already captured Latios. She was able to gain distance, but not much. She was made for agility, not purely speed, so she was barely faster than the other two. As of now, she was about 100 feet ahead. She was trying to think of ways to ultimately lose them, each scheme more desperate than the last. Luckily, she knew the layout of the entire city, allowing her to spend more time concentrating on her predicament than actually navigating. As a result, she didn’t see the massive Feraligatr lazily jumping out of the water. They both crashed into the water, and Latias quickly dove under in the ensuing chaos. She told the Feraligatr to follow her as she flew back up and continued on. Feraligatr followed her in the water, willing to help out the legendary Pokémon. An idea had co
:iconsoulofumbreon:SoulofUmbreon 8 1
Magical Reunion
Once upon a time, there was a great big forest that filled with many things, but today it has two lost travelers. Waddling out in the woods, were two little fox children, both with red and white fur.
One was a boy with a little silver tuff on his head clad in a white shirt and in a pair of blue overalls with a noticeable poofy bulge at the seat and green eyes and the other was his younger twin sister, clad in a frilly white shirt and a blue overall dress with her poofy white diaper flashing slightly, having blue eyes. "Are we there yet, Hansel?" The sister asks her brother as she looks scared at the moment.
"I'm pretty sure, Gretel...I sure hope that meanie doesn't find us..." Hansel moans slightly while he holds onto her hand as they waddle together. "Why did Papa have to choose her of all people?" Gretel asks as she looks frantically about with her head.
"Don't worry sister, this place IS big! She won't find us here!" Hansel said to his sister as he waddles slowly with her. "Well, we
:icontomsmanga:TOMSMANGA 5 2
Witch's Payback
Gingerbread House in the middle of the woods
Inside her bedroom, the silver vixen, Cindy, was wiggling a rather beautiful long blue gown over her with the hoopskirt widening it, while her little round children, Hansel and Gretel watch on. "So what spell are we going to learn today, Mama?" Gretel asks as she looks at her mother.
"Oh just a little quick escape spell!" Cindy smiles and giggles while going to her two little ones before grabbing the both and carrying them off as she was heading outside. "A quick escape?" Hansel laughs as he and Gretel are placed to their mother's side before kicking his feet.
"That's right!" Cindy giggles before she snuggles their crinkly behinds fondly as she takes them into the woods. "So that's where the two brats went then?" A feminine voice as somebody was watching from the shadows.
The spying person was a voluptuous wolf woman with dirt grey and white fur and amber eyes, watching the vixen and the two round children go through the woods. "I wil
:icontomsmanga:TOMSMANGA 4 0
Burger Trap [Sonic Boom]
The town was very busy that day as a familiar pink hedgehog and a charming badger were trekking down the dry ground. Amy Rose was glancing around, trying to find some destination while Sticks the Badger, as usual, was keeping a sharp eye out for any suspicious looking characters. It was already 12 and there isn't a single place to dine in that isn't so awfully packed or busy.
"Why is every place packed today?" Amy wonders as it doesn't get this busy in Hedgehog Village. "No idea," Sticks said, "But you may never know what is attracting this amount of people like some morsel being poisoned in order to control people's minds." "Maybe...but, Eggman doesn't seem to be causing any mischief today..." Amy said as she hasn't seen or heard from the mad doctor lately. Just then, Amy's stomach rumbled loudly, which made the badger jump up. "Laser engines!" she yelled as she fell to the ground and covers her head. "Relax,'s just my stomach..." Amy said as she blushes a bit in embarrass
:iconjcsstudio:JCSStudio 12 2
Blastoise vores Sabrina (Spoiler alert)
After being saved by Ivysaur’s net, Red, Blue, and a recovered Green get off and look up. Sabrina is preparing another attack, but before she could finish it, Red’s Ivysaur uses vine whip, along with Blue’s Charizard who uses flamethrower, as Green’s Blastoise uses hydro pump. Thus defeating Sabrina as the Silph Co. building collapsed. Red and Blue walk off to make sure the citizens of Pallet Town are fine, while Green searches among the rubble to find her target. As she and Blastoise continue to move debris around, she eventually finds Sabrina. She has Blastoise pick up the unconscious gym leader and walks away. She looks back behind her to make sure no one notices her. The next day, Red was surprised to see Green gone. He also discovered that Sabrina was missing too, but her confiscated Pokémon remained. He wondered what had happened, but he figured the two were together. He grimaced, wondering what
:iconsoulofumbreon:SoulofUmbreon 8 3
Cream Berry Pie
It was a nice sunny day here in the the city of Station Square. Cream was flapping her ears as she was flying towards a certain location.
The rabbit was heading over to Amy's apartment to help her friend in baking a special pie today. "Hehe, this is gonna be fun!" Cream giggles as she flies over towards Amy's place before lowering herself down.
Once the rabbit was on the ground, she enters the building and makes her way to the floor that Amy's apartment is on. "Amy? It's me!" Cream smiles as she knocks on the door.
"Just a moment!" A voice could be heard on the other side as the door is then opened by the pink hedgehog herself, Amy Rose. "Hey Amy!" Cream said as she giggles at her friend.
"Hey Cream, lad you could make it today." Amy said as she lets her friend in before closing the door. "Thanks! So what kind of special pie do you need my help with?" Cream asks as she giggles while entering the place.
"Well, it's a big blueberry pie." Amy said as she smiles at her friend. "Oooohhh...
:icontomsmanga:TOMSMANGA 9 0
Taking The Rose
The sun shined down across the land one fine day, the large surrounding forest being brightened by it as on this day, a young girl with long golden blonde hair with curled ends and violet eyes was out enjoying the day. The girl hums a happy tune as she wanders about in the forest.
The little girl, known as Briar Rose, wobbled across the forest enjoying the nice sunny day. "It's a good thing I got up early today." Rose giggles as she heads deeper into the forest.
As the young girl ventured on, high in the sky unknown to her, a black bird flew about spotting her before flying off. Rose hums some more as she was enjoying on this stroll.
The girl waddled about when she arrived at the river bank before approaching it. "Hm...I'm feeling thirsty right now." Rose said as she bents down and starts drinking from the river, but as she drank, she suddenly slipped and feel right in.
Rose spun a bit under the water before she resurfaces while coughing and gasping for air. She soon be
:icontomsmanga:TOMSMANGA 4 0


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Copied from ww07kid

Guys this hacker is for real! This he/she will hack your account and post pornographic pictures, only if the he/she hackes your account.  If he/she finds that you've posted this to a journal or on your page, he'll/she'll know what's going on and won't hack you. Please copy this for your safety to prevent your account being hacked."

The hacker does vital region pictures around in the account page and writes in journals: "I hate you all, go die" And he will also remove all your watches. If this happens to me, then you know that it isn't me. I write this journal to warn everyone here. i suggest you copy this journal and warn your watchers as well. I think the hackers will not have more fun with hacking you if you and your watchers already know what could happen. You might get this message multiple times from multiple people of your watch list, but its better then not getting it. Spread the word! This hacker is going around and hacking into other people's accounts to block your friends so that your friends block you, get you in trouble, and could get you banned from DeviantART. If you get this warning, copy and paste this into your Journal and spread this to everyone.


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