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Down The Rabbit Hatch
It was a peaceful day in a nice looking park as everything was mostly quiet there. Sitting and relaxing  on the branch of a tree in the shade was a young, medium-length blonde hair girl clad in a cerulean blue, knee-high dress with a white pinafore apron on top.
The girl, Alice by name, looked up in the sky basking in the beautiful day. "Ahhh... what a fine day it is. "MMM!! Feels like a day one can just relax." Alice smiles as she stretches herself a little.
Unbeknownst to the girl, there was something watching her from below. Alice didn't notice a small, white rabbit was watching her sit, nor did she notice that she was looking up her dress, seeing her poofy, white knee-length pantalette clad behind.
The white rabbit looks with a curious look for a while until it suddenly smiles and licks it's lips. "Hm?" Alice sighs while she relaxes before turning her head as she suddenly notices the rabbit.
The rabbit looks at the girl with a cute look on it's face. "Why hello there." Alice s
:icontomsmanga:TOMSMANGA 9 0
Rodent's Round Rabbit
Hang Castle Zone
Flying across the zone was spirited Cream the Rabbit, her ears flapping as she smiled happily despite the spookiness known to the place. Cream hums a happy tune as she explores the zone with such confidence.
Her  Vermilion dress often fluttered, exposing more of her crinkly white padding, as she flew high above. "This place wasn't too bad when I first came here with Amy and Big." Cream smiles as she continues to fly around the place.
She soon began to lower down towards the ground, her ears flapping less and less. Cream was aiming for the ledge below, but as she was getting closer, something beginning to materialize in that spot.
Through a glimmer, a gold warp ring appeared from thin air, catching Cream's attention. "Huh? Where that come from?" Cream was surprise as she was at a point where she couldn't stop descending in time.
Pretty soon she went through the warp ring before vanishing in an instant. Cream squeaks as she was being whisked away to another place.
:icontomsmanga:TOMSMANGA 6 0
Rouge's Night Bite
It was a clear starry night in Pumpkin Hill as a full moon was gracing the land from the sky. On this night, walking down the zone was Amy Rose, carrying a map with a letter behind it.
Amy reads and follows the map as she ventures on forth. Apparently the hedgehog girl was invited here to Pumpkin Hill by Rouge the bat herself.
"Geez... wonder why Rouge wanted me to come to THIS zone of all places? Just what is she up to...?" Amy ponders while reading more of the map. The hedgehog heads up to the tallest point in the zone while someone is watching her from the shadows.
Amy ventured on forth as she was climbing upwards while keeping the map clenched in one hand. The hedgehog reaches the top as she could see the full moon just above her from here.
"Wow... I've never seen the moon this close up before!" Amy gasps softly as she looks up at the moon. Suddenly, there was a familiar silhouette flying in the moon as if it was making a grand entrance.
Amy steps back as she sees the figure land b
:icontomsmanga:TOMSMANGA 9 0
Breezie's Big Catch
A new fancy restaurant opens up near the docks of Station Square as one certain individual was heading over for a bite to eat. "Oh, a customer." cooed a voice inside the kitchen who was glancing over that figure at the entrance.
The customer in is non other than the blue robotic hedgehog woman, Breezie. "Welcome to our new establish, ma'am." The raccoon waitress, namely Roxy cooed as she comes near her with a notepad.
"Much obliged, my as my order, I'll have one of everything, so hear is my payment in advance." Breezie said as she suddenly pulls out a bag of money that she gives to the waitress. Amazed by the wad of cash inside there, Roxy tosses away the pad and takes the money. "Sure thing, ma'am!" she responded as she zooms away into the kitchen door.
"I do enjoyed in stuffing myself with lots of food from time to time." Breezie giggles as she takes her seat at a table. "Hey, Woody!" She heard Roxy's voice from the kitchen, "Get your beaver tail moving! We got a whole cou
:icontomsmanga:TOMSMANGA 5 1
Witchy Kitty
Down in the valley from Station Square, in a tall, elegant house, it's royal cat owner was busy cleaning the place up. "While I'm glad to have a place in this dimension, I kinda wished I had a maid here to assist me." The cat said as it was none other than Blaze.
She had more or less gotten her new place not too long ago, and was getting herself settled, despite some difficulty. "..There..all done..." Blaze flops down on the couch as she has just finished cleaning up. Her clothes were a bit of a mess, but she was relieved to be done with the cleaning.
"Hm? Who could that be?" Blaze wonders as she gets up and approaches the door. "Hehe, Miss Blaze? Are you home?" The person asks as the cute voice sounded very familiar to her.
"Oh, yes!" Blaze said as she opens the door since she knows who is behind it. At the door was her friend and ally, Cream the Rabbit, who says, "Hehe, hi Miss Blaze!"
"Hello to you too, Cream. But please just call me Blaze." Blaze said as she sm
:icontomsmanga:TOMSMANGA 5 0
Cookie Stuffing
It has been a week since Blaze passed her witch trials as she recently set up a proper base of operations to do her witchcraft, but it isn't too far away from her home in this dimension.Inside, Blaze had been busy preparing for a pair of particular guests she'd invited not too long ago.
"Once these cookies are ready, I can prep up my long term meals when they arrive." Blaze giggles as her stomach growls eagerly with hunger. She turned to her crystal ball and went onto see if they were coming.
Blaze smirks as she could see her two guests, Amy and Rouge walking through the woods right now. "Amy, why in the heck are you taking me out here of all places?!" Rouge appeared to be a bit cheesed as she follows Amy.
"Hehe, oh you'll see Rouge! You're gonna be in for a surprise!" Amy said as she grins at the bat. The two soon enter a clearing as the girls got a good look at the location that they were heading towards.
What they saw was quite a big looking cottage, but it didn't appear to be made
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Trapped By A Winter Wolf
Enchancia; Wintery Night
On this night, the young princess of Enchancia, Sofia, was out playing in the snow, clad in her sparkly, arctic blue, snow themed gown with a violet hat and cloak. Sofia giggles as she has fun in the snow.
The princess felt that this was a good time to do this sort of thing. "'s always such a good time to go out and play in the snow!" Sofia smiles as she kneels down and strokes the snow around her.
The snow felt very nice to her as Sofia smiles warmly before looking up at the starry night filled sky. "I might as well return back." The princess said as she gets up and starts to walk off.
However she took the most unfortunate step in the world. Suddenly, the snow, and by extension the ground, crumbled under the princess, sending her falling down a hidden hole.
The princess tumbles as she goes down to the bottom of this hole. "AHH!" Sofia shrieks as she falls through the ground down the hole.
Her gown immediately poofed up like a parachute, slowing
:icontomsmanga:TOMSMANGA 12 4
Fusion Consumption
Aether Paradise; Basement Floor 2: Laboratory
Inside one of the labs, Aether President Lusamine was tinkering with one of the machines the lab scientists cooked up, while her little baby daughter Lillie was playing with the family's Alolan Ninetales. Lillie giggles as she plays with the ice type Pokemon.
Lusamine smiled upon hearing her little baby's playful laughs. "The group really outdid themselves here with this one." Lusamine thought as she looks at the device.
Ninetales rolls the ball towards Lillie, who tries to catch it but misses with the ball going to Lusamine's feet, catching her happy attention. "Are you having fun, you two?" Lusamine asks as she kicks the ball back to her daughter.
"Uh huh!" Lillie catches the ball before giggling at her mother. The president soon got up from her chair and approached her daughter with a warm smile on her face.
"I think I'll have some fun too and I know something that will do the trick." Lusamine giggles as she pets her daughter's head. Lil
:icontomsmanga:TOMSMANGA 8 29
Bens Will Be Bens
When the bank of Kai Green's town was mysteriously robbed without any trace of a break-in, she and her superhero friend, ten-year old Ben Tennyson, crossed the desert to search for themselves.  Transforming into his Wildmutt alien form, Ben tracked the scent of money to a gulf by the ocean.
As Ben turned back human, he and Kai crept behind a large set of rocks on a cliff and peered down toward the shore below.  The money was floating through the air magically, right into the open satchel bag of Charmcaster, a teenage witch and part of Ben's rogues' gallery, even if she usually fought against his cousin, Gwen.
"This was the easier score ever!" Charmcaster laughed in self-satisfaction as she stood atop a rocky ledge directly above the ocean, "I barely had to lift a finger, and the Tennysons are probably stuck without a clue!  Such a shame for them! Hahahahahahahahahaha!"
Ben clenched his fist angrily.  "I'll show you, Lamecaster!" he said to himself, then turned to Ka
:iconticktockcroc:TickTockCroc 6 28
VFan1155 commission 1 by livinlovindude VFan1155 commission 1 :iconlivinlovindude:livinlovindude 222 406 Just a Batty Prank, Sondre by Jessica-Rae-3 Just a Batty Prank, Sondre :iconjessica-rae-3:Jessica-Rae-3 39 8 Gurgles Noms Neera-Jess by Jessica-Rae-3 Gurgles Noms Neera-Jess :iconjessica-rae-3:Jessica-Rae-3 173 0 Cheetah noms Justice League tinies by Jessica-Rae-3 Cheetah noms Justice League tinies :iconjessica-rae-3:Jessica-Rae-3 53 0


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Guys this hacker is for real! This he/she will hack your account and post pornographic pictures, only if the he/she hackes your account.  If he/she finds that you've posted this to a journal or on your page, he'll/she'll know what's going on and won't hack you. Please copy this for your safety to prevent your account being hacked."

The hacker does vital region pictures around in the account page and writes in journals: "I hate you all, go die" And he will also remove all your watches. If this happens to me, then you know that it isn't me. I write this journal to warn everyone here. i suggest you copy this journal and warn your watchers as well. I think the hackers will not have more fun with hacking you if you and your watchers already know what could happen. You might get this message multiple times from multiple people of your watch list, but its better then not getting it. Spread the word! This hacker is going around and hacking into other people's accounts to block your friends so that your friends block you, get you in trouble, and could get you banned from DeviantART. If you get this warning, copy and paste this into your Journal and spread this to everyone.


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